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Thomas Aquinas & Biotechnology

It is a video week…well, so far.  Many have wondered how St. Thomas would approach biotechnology in the 21st century. Dr. Stephen Meredith presented the following  lecture entitled, Thomas Aquinas, Scientist: How Might He Approach 21st Century Biotechnology for the Lumen Christi Institute. His abstract describes the lecture as such:

Despite flaws in his biology, Aquinas’ writings offer us guidance in our approach to 21st century biotechnology. Aquinas’ notion of a Just War provides us with a way for thinking about biotechnology, since both use morally ambiguous means to address evils in an imperfect world. A comparison of these two disparate issues can yield criteria for an ethics of biotechnology.

I found this to be a thought provoking presentation to imagine St. Thomas approaching these new technologies.

Stephen Meredith is Professor in Pathology and the Biological Sciences at The University of Chicago, and teaches Fundamentals courses in the College.

Stephen Meredith: “Thomas Aquinas, Scientist: How Might He Approach 21st Century Biotechnology” from The Lumen Christi Institute on Vimeo.

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