Reflecting on 21 Centuries of Faith

Satan Unchained

St. Anthony's temptation by demons.

I had to re-post this fantastic and short meditation that the Overheard in the Sanctuary blog posted today.  Father Gonzales, thank you for this reminder. May it quicken our spirits to recommit to our daily devotion to our Lord through our Lady.

Wisdom of the Ages

By Fr LW Gonzales On July 11th, 2010

The desert fathers understood how difficult it would be to uphold the faith in our later times. Once, a desert father was asked by a young monk about the devil. The monk inquired if people in later times would be able to persevere in the fasting and all night prayer vigils that the desert monks subjected themselves to. The desert father said, “No. People in later times will be weak and they will barely be able to fast a day without feeling faint. They will not be able to stay awake and pray all night, for they will be too weak.”

When the young monk asked why they would be so weak, the desert father replied,”It is easy for us to do these things. We are fighting Satan chained. In later times, people will fight him unchained.”

– from Salve Regina

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