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Broken Shells and Broken Hearts

As my kids and I were walking on the beach last night collecting sea shells, my youngest daughter ran up and said, “Daddy look! Isn’t it pretty? It’s a little broken but it is still pretty.” Her simple statement carried me into dreamland just pondering this insight.

At Franciscan University, a musical group had been formed dedicated to sing about the atrocities of abortion called, Little Grace. One of my good friends, Eric Hendry (extremely talented musician – TX make him sing for you!) used to sing a song called Broken Hearted. This is what put me to sleep last night. The words that stood out included:

For He loves the brokenhearted, for He was broken too. The work in you He started is no where near to being through. So, don’t give up hope…

We seem to need to believe that we are perfect (or have it all together) and that we are independent – we do not need help. The exception? Maybe our really close friends who we vent or cry with and then we quickly compose ourselves and move on with life. We have truly perfected the art of unhealthy living.

I wanted just to encourage everyone today that my kids and I prefer broken shells, those that are rough around the edges or have been worn-away by the ocean. They possess a simple beauty about them. Not because they are broken but because they are what they are and do not pretend to be anything else. In their humility of accepting whatever has eroded, tossed or even buffeted them on the bottom of the seafloor they have been shaped into the perfect collectible to be admired for its beauty.

We too need to present ourselves just as we are. My dad gave me a button when I was much younger that says, “God loves you as you are and sees you as you will be.” It is true. We are not the same person that we were yesterday or will be tomorrow. The Father has sent various experiences that will shape us into the the persons He desires us to be. As we face our challenges and combat the areas of sin in our lives the pain, toil and anguish will pay off. Just not today. Don’t stop struggling, let us help you share that burden but don’t get upset because we are not mind-readers. Oh, and if you run away from all those struggles and bury yourself in the sand to you cannot be broken. Sorry, you are already broken but can no longer be collected and admired for your beauty…my kids will be so disappointed.

Now, least we forget, the Father never wishes evil and yet it happens. He does, however, provide us with the grace to smooth out that grain of sand under pressure to form the pearl. Our hope should continue to be in the Lord who loves us simply, just as we are, but gives us the grace and strength to become what we must be…His Beloved.

As you continue through your day, I hope you will remember the words to this simple song,

For He loves the brokenhearted, for He was broken too. The work in you He started is no where near to being through. So, don’t give up hope…

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  1. Rachael says:

    beautiful post. thank you.

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