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Conclave Perspective: Fr. Barron

Fr. Barron during his second day in Rome was quite busy. After gleaning lots of information from heavy-hitters, he provides some timely, important and surprising thoughts concerning the politics and potential length of the upcoming conclave.


  • Two emerging parties: Curialists and Reformists
  • Paring down the candidates: No emerging front-runners with a long list of candidates within each party
  • Length of conclave: Due to no front-runner, expectations seem to indicate a longer conclave (In the last 100 years, longest has been five days)
  • Atmosphere: Tension and less of a spiritual “uplift” than the last conclave
  • Biggest surprise: Cardinal Dolan is the talk-of-the-town papabili hopeful among the hoi poloi and the media

Don’t take my word for it, listen to Fr. Barron himself.

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