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Encourage & Teach: Deacon’s 7 #backtoschool Tips for a Fruitful Academic Year

Back to School Road SignCrosby, Stills and Nash were on to something with their 1970 hit, “Teach Your Children.” Education has been so important in the formation of society and cultures. U.S. Catholic education has a long tradition of effectively presenting and teaching the systematic truths of the faith, and yet, for the past 40 years, that education system has experienced a number of challenges in forming virtue and holiness. It is an unfortunate truth that many U.S. Catholics have no clue what we believe or understand, our theology of work.

For the public schools here in the fair Commonwealth of Virginia, school is back in session. The Catholic schools are already a week into the year. Summer is waning and the hustle and bustle of academics and sports have only just begun. I thought I might offer a total of seven thoughts for parents and students to consider as they ease back into the academic year. (Read more…)

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  1. Barbara Staiger says:

    Deacon Marques:
    I truly believe in a Catholic education and I am extremely grateful for mine. I have attended Catholic schools all my life (with the exception of a tour of duty in Japan–3 years and nursing school but the “Director of the School of Professional Nursing” was a Catholic and took me on retreat at least once per year). I attended undergraduate school taught by Franciscans and Marymount University for graduate school. I wouldn’t trade my education for anything and I am grateful to my parents and my God. Although there were four of us children, we all attended Catholic school. This should be the way it is today. If all Catholic children attended Catholic school, there would be no need for CCD classes. Children who attend CCD classes are often tired and do not learn as much about the faith as we did in Catholic school. Just my 2 cents!!!!

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