Reflecting on 21 Centuries of Faith

Creation and Worship through Covenant

Yesterday’s post entitled, The Final Word was Jesus…he needed no other one, spoke to the truth that the whole universe was created with Christ in mind.  The covenant preceded creation in order to, in a certain sense, be the soul and form of creation, thus design a cosmic temple where the Son of God could dwell.

The Israelite understood that the Solomonic temple was a microcosm of creation. Even Solomon’s consecration mimicked the Lord’s pattern of creating the world (1 Kings 5-9).  Creation thus being the temple in macro-form would also need a sanctuary and High Priest.  This original sanctuary we call the Garden of Eden – and the High Priest, none other than Adam.  Even later in the temple era(s), we see remnants of the Garden of Eden in the vessels and vestments such as the menorah. The menorah is a stylized version of the Tree of Life – the most important feature in the garden as Scripture describes in Exodus 25:31-40. Why create in such a way?  The Holy Father answer in this way:

Creation is oriented to the Sabbath, which is the sign of the covenant between God and humankind…As a first step, we can draw this conclusion: Creation is designed in such a way that it is oriented to worship.  It fulfills its purpose and assumes its significance when it is lived, ever new, with a view to worship. Creation exists for the sake of worship.  As St. Benedict said in his Rule: Opus Dei nihil praepnatur--“Nothing must be put before the service of God.” This is not an expression of an otherworldly piety but a clear and sober translation of the creation account and of the message that it bears for our lives. The true center, the power that moves and shapes from within the rhythm of the stars and of our lives , is worship…The universe exists for worship and for the glorification of God.

Everything in creation is made for worship…whether we believe it or not.  All things that detract from that worship is considered a perversion or skew of the covenants original purpose.  How is this worship to be accomplished?  By liturgy.  Stick around and see how that liturgy plays out in Scripture, history and our lives.

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