Reflecting on 21 Centuries of Faith


Starting the Conversation

The Q Continuum blog is a site dedicated to reflecting on various theological subjects, Catholic culture, and encouraging a dialogue concerning the Catholic worldview.  This blog welcomes anyone who would like to add to the reflections or ask questions.

Blog Host

Deacon Marques (DQ for short) serves his family and the Diocese of Arlington in Northern Virginia. He is the father of four and is thoroughly in love with his beautiful wife Christine.  He is an avid believer that philosophy and theology should only be discussed with either a fantastic glass of wine or a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Dcn. Marques hopes you will join him in discovering more about our faith together.

Code of Conduct

All posts and comments should be marked by Christian charity and respect for the truth. They should be on topic and presume the good will of other posters. Discussion should take place primarily from a faith or seeking the truth perspective. No ads please.


All opinions expressed on this blog are the personal opinions of the author, and not the official position of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington or St. Leo the Great Parish whom he currently serves.