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Open Letter to My Fellow Catholics

Dear Fellow Catholics,

I would first like to affirm your God-given gift and right to freely make choices every day.  The Most Blessed Trinity has certainly graced us with the amazing faculties of an intellect and a will.  As you know, they were given for the purposes of seeking the true and the good – both coming together to express the beautiful. That being said, I am hoping that you could help me understand why the current President was elected.

I mean really, before he was elected, he promised to expand the rights of those suffering from same-sex ambivalence (commonly known by the misnomer as homosexuality and lesbianism); he promised to expand and fund abortion; and he promised to expand stem research to include the testing using embryonic tissue. Many of my brethren seem rather surprised as if they were figuring he was making promises just to get elected (my 15 year believes this train of thought is rather naive).

Which begs the question, “Why did we think he was going to protect the definition of marriage?” He promised he wouldn’t. It is true that there is no federal definition that provides blanket rights yet but the deeper question is, “Why do we want to contribute to the observable self-destructive habits of a fellow son and daughter of God?” Also, since when do we encourage dysfunction and elevate it to become a natural right? Clearly, I am a simpleton because I do not understand why we rely on science to inform us except in this subject matter area.

Now, I have a large family and I am certainly aware of the state of the economy. What puzzles me is that the media says we, being Catholics, elected him because of our economy. most reasonable people understand that by killing off future generations of workers necessarily weakens and destroys the economy. No workers, no money. I just cannot see us electing him because we desire long-term economic suicide for short-term utilitarian gain. Besides, I know the media must be wrong. When have Catholics ever chosen to alleviate their comfort by the mass killing of children. I mean, we didn’t stand for it when adults and children were being murdered and experimented on in World War II, why would we do that now? Most importantly, why did we believe him when he said that he would not use the Health Care bill to use public funds for abortion? Seems Pennsylvania will be the first to benefit from our “generosity” to the tune of $160M. Pennsylvania Catholics should be happy and assured while eating dinner each night that not every one of their tax dollars which are part of this “high risk” health care plan will murder a baby.

It used to be that we protected the innocent and would rather give our lives than let the dignity of the innocent in life or death be harmed.  A whole industry based on the harvesting of fetal tissue with the dreamy hope that one day it will cure all diseases is doing this now. I believe they tried that in Germany during the early forties but it didn’t turn out so well. On the up-side, this industry should pick up and help our economy since we will be adding to the supply chain of raw materials. I missed this in reading the economic stimulus package.

I know this open letter sounds offensive and snarky but I am offended and well, snarky. We should remember that we become morally complicit in the decisions of the elected officials we put in office. Not every decision of course, but decisions that absolutely affect the core of what it means to be human and those which are guaranteed to be made while being morally unacceptable.

I have also heard that fasting and penance are out of vogue now. I would suggest to many of my Catholic brothers and sisters that you reconsider and pick up the hair-shirt. And for those of us who did not put him into office, we need to do the same. We are the body of Christ and while we rejoice when one part succeeds, we also repent and bind our wounds when one part sins or is diseased. We should take to heart 2 Chronicles 7:14, “…and if my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my presence and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and revive their land.”



3 Responses to Open Letter to My Fellow Catholics

  1. Joe says:

    Well said, my friend….well said.

  2. Jeff Stevens says:

    Fast and penance? For something I didn’t do!?!?! This is a hard saying!

    But it is true, so I will do it anyway.

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