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Music to Your Ears?

Okay, a number said they did not enjoy that form of plainchant.  What if we went East? Klardin describes the following,

The late Archbishop Job sings the 15th Antiphon at Matins for Great and Holy Friday 2009. This video almost didn’t happen. We had wanted to record Vladika singing this antiphon for years, but he often refused to sing it out of humility. This year we managed to convince him to sing it, and I was miraculously able to video it. Little did we know it would also be the last time he would chant it at Holy Trinity.

I also enjoyed his understanding of the liturgical life. He truly has a shepherd’s heart in understanding the yearning of his people and the need to be faithful to our preparation for the Divine Liturgy.

Lord, that we might breath with both lungs! In your mercy, reunite Christendom. May we ardently work with the Orthodox to fulfill your high priestly prayer, “Ut unum sint!” (John 17:21)

3 Responses to Music to Your Ears?

  1. Marisa says:

    Yes yes yes!!! Oh Marques, this was so beautiful it made me weep. May his be memory eternal! Can you imagine that as a normal part of our Divine Liturgy? Heaven on earth indeed!
    His thoughts on how we prepare for the sacred mysteries, as actions on our part that start every day in the rhythm of our lives are wonderful. It is almost as if in a sense the Divine Liturgy never really ends at the dismissal, but is carried through into our lives. Indeed, is that not what we the laity are called to? To bring Christ into to our world?

  2. Bob says:

    Wow, that was really beautiful. I love that eastern scale they use. I also thought it was cute that he was directing the people singing the harmony with his finger, telling them when to go up and down. Yeah, I’d definitely like to see the eastern and the western churches reunite.

  3. Joe says:

    Amazing….yeah. I’ll leave it at that.

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