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Learning for the Dominicans

if today was not Sunday, the universal Church would be celebrating the Memorial of St. Dominic Guzman, founder of the Order of Preachers. This is how Blessed Cecilia describes him:

“This was St Dominic’s appearance. He was of middle height and slender figure, of handsome and somewhat ruddy countenance, his hair and beard of auburn, and with lustrous eyes. From out his forehead and between his eye brows a radiant light shone forth, which drew everyone to revere and love him. He was always joyous and cheerful, except when moved to compassion at anyone’s sorrows. His hands were beautiful and tapering; his voice was clear, noble, and musical; he was never bald, but kept his religious tonsure entire, mingled here and there with a few grey hairs.” (From the Legend of St. Dominic by Bl. Cecilia Cesarini)

This simple mendicant’s work forever influenced the Church. He also gave us through his own witness a template for gestures during prayer.  The following are called The 9 Ways of Prayer by St. Dominic. For more of an explanation go to St. Dominic Biographical Documents.

To all in the Dominican family, thank you for your outstanding serve to the Trinity, our Lady and the Church. Many blessings!

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