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The John Paul II Life Center Opens in Austin

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Monday, October 18, 2010

AUSTIN, Texas—On October 12, 2010, a beautiful fall day in Austin, Texas, also Columbus Day, The John Paul II Life Center was opened with a blessing by Father Jim Evans, Chaplain and Father Alberto Borruel and the unveiling of its state of the art sonogram machine.

“It is particularly appropriate that this blessing and opening is being done on Columbus Day.  For it was Columbus who each night wrote in his ship log “stay the course”.  We have stayed the course against difficult challenges and obstacles”, said Tim Von Dohlen, President of the Center’s Board of Directors, in welcoming the large crowd in attendance.   October 12 was also the feast day of Our Lady of the Pillar – the first Marian apparition appearing to Saint James the Apostle on the bank of a river in Spain.  The Virgin appeared with the Child Jesus standing on a pillar and asked Saint James to build a church on the site promising that “the church will stand until the end of time in order that God may work miracles and wonders through my intercession for all those who place themselves under my patronage”.  “Today we place The John Paul II Life Center and all its supporters, women and babies that it helps under Our Lady of the Pillar patronage and that of Our Lady of Guadalupe”, said Von Dohlen.

Members of the Center’s Board of Directors were recognized for their dedicated work over nearly five years – Sheri and Chris Danze, Heather and Jeremy Kalamarides, and Pat and Tim Von Dohlen.

Knights of Columbus from the Saint John Neumann and Saint Catherine of Siena Councils presented a check for funds they raised and the matching funds from Supreme for the purchase of the sonogram – a Medison SA-X8.  Knights from other councils and assemblies who helped with the fundraising were also present, along with Past State Deputies Ken Otte and Ray Neumann and Executive Secretary Mike McLaughlin.  Receiving the payment was Steve Morris, National Account Manager for Medison.  Alan Guisinger the Center’s consultant who invaluably helped evaluate the possible sonogram machine options was recognized.

Dr. Jeremy Kalamarides Ob/Gyn who is the Center’s Medical Director when introduced said, “My wife and I are excited to be living in Austin and we are anxious to help women see their baby with the sonogram.  We also look forward to teaching and educating women about natural procreative technology which helps women suffering from infertility to achieve pregnancy without utilizing in vitro fertilization”.

The John Paul II Life Center will operate in full conformity with the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Healthcare Services.

The Knights of Columbus have assisted The John Paul II Life Center in setting up a Save the Baby Fund to help pay for a sonogram for women who are unable to pay themselves.  Chris Danze, Vice President of the Center said, “Helping women see their baby will save babies lives and help all of us involved to remember Mother Teresa’s call for each of us to remain faithful”.

In addition to sonograms and other medical services, The John Paul II Life Center will offer educational speeches and seminar presentations provided by highly qualified and trained individuals on pro-life topics including presentations by the National Catholic Bioethics Center, of which The John Paul II Life Center is a member.  All employees and volunteers will be committed to following the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

Furthermore, The John Paul II Life Center has established collaborative relationships with the Gabriel Project, Project Rachel, Heroic Media (formerly the Majella Society), Annunciation Maternity Home, 40 Days for Life, Texas Alliance for Life, and other Catholic and non-Catholic crisis pregnancy assistance organizations, with the goal of being these organizations’ first patient referral resource for low- or no-cost sonograms

The John Paul II Life Center is seeking: volunteers to (1) work at The John Paul II Life Center, (2) help plan and work at fundraising events, (3) pray for the success of the Center. Information can be found at or by calling 512-407-2900.

The John Paul II Life Center is located in the Jefferson Building at 1600 W. 38th Street. Suite 115, Austin, Texas.  Information can be found at or by calling 512-407-2900.


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