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Immaculate Birthdays

Many might ask why we honor the nativity or the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary on this feast day. While children around the globe held a birthday party for Our Lady, today is more than a celebration commemorating her birth.

The Nativity of Our Lady marks a decisive moment in human history. The first human being since Adam and Eve is born without the stain of Original Sin by way of an unmerited and singular act of divine grace. This divine act signaled the next movement of salvation history – the preparation for the Son of God to become a son of man so that, the sons of men may become sons of God.

We may thank Dun Scotus for providing a bit of insight into the how the Lord prepared this Daughter of Sion for her nativity. Author Daniel Joseph Barton summarizes it in this way:

Here’s an analogy of Mary’s Immaculate Conception: You are walking on a jungle path, and are approaching a covered up and camouflaged pit which is right in front of you. You fall in, and after a while a stranger comes by, reaches in, and pulls you out. You have mud all over your feet due to mud in the bottom of the pit. But the stranger had a bucket of water to wash your feet for you. On another path also with a hidden pit, a woman is walking. Just at the verge of tumbling over the edge of the pit, the same stranger grabs her and pulls her back from the edge. She too is saved from the pit and the mud, but in anticipation instead of after the fact. Both of you were saved from the pit and the mud (original sin) and both of you had a savior (God). But in the woman’s case, she was saved before being tainted. Hence Mary has every right to proclaim “God my savior”, even though she did not know about God’s special love for her.[1]

If that is not enough to give the glory to our Lord and His mother, maybe this might inspire us. The holy Father, reflecting on the line in the Magnificat that says,

All generations will call me blessed…

shares that this verse is not only prophetic but also a divine command. To not honor Our Lady is to disregard the admonition of Sacred Scripture. Much more could be said but that will suffice for today.

Anyway, just a few thoughts on our Lady’s birthday.

[1]Barton, D. (2007, January 07). My Belief in the Immaculate Conception Doctrine Part I). Retrieved from

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  1. Nora says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but I do not know why our Catholic Church believes that Mary was concieved without original sin. I have seen enough evidence that she is the Queen of Heaven that I believe it is true, but I do not know the orgin of this philosophy.

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