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Getting it Right

As many of you know, I try to keep my blog to discussions related to devotions, T(t)raditions, theology and some funny moments. I find myself today needing to give some props to the Director of Parish Social Ministry at St. Mary of Sorrows in Fairfax, Virginia.

My experience with those in Social Ministry over the years has been less than stellar. Most of the time, the individuals involved, while well-meaning, tend to be blinded by pure humanism. Their ministry many times is disconnected from the rest of the Church and its rich theology and traditions. A false dichotomy is established and often sets the Church at odds with the people she is sworn to serve.

So, why mention Mrs. Carol Mayfield? She has a beautiful integrated approach to Social Ministry. She models to her leadership team and volunteers to makes a direct link between the Eucharist and ministry.

Her first principle is that ministry flows from the Divine Liturgy and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The strength and motivation of the servant is the love and worship of the Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Her second principle is that the Holy Spirit should direct our service coupled with sound reason to assist in determining the needs of the community. She insists through this principle that the stable and active prayer life of the leader is key in discerning the will of the Father in ministering to the needs of the poor in spirit.

Lastly, she believes that there is no disparity between the various ministries of the Church and social ministry. This is a rarity. To understand that every ministry of the Church is meant to cooperate with each other in order to further the Kingdom of God expresses a clarity of thinking that we all need.

Well done Carol. Many blessings to you and your ministry team. May your faithfulness to Church teaching and the Eucharist reap the grace needed to serve the poorest of the poor.

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