Reflecting on 21 Centuries of Faith

The Christmas Countdown

Children everywhere have suddenly become living saints. Consequently, parents love this time of year because we know our kids understand that ‘Ole Saint Nick is checking his list (twice) to find out who has been naughty and nice. The Church too recognizes the importance of these final days of Advent. The Christmas clock has officially begun the fateful countdown.

This sacred time countdown is liturgically framed during Vespers each day and have been called the O Antiphons. In a special way, these prayers allow the Father through the liturgy to gently woo our hearts to His Son. These scriptural texts both summarize and highlight all the promises of Father to His son’s intended.

Over the next eight days, it would benefit us to steal away and spend time in His presence reflecting on this scriptural passages. Let the Holy Spirit stir our hearts, heighten our expectations and till the soil of our hearts…the Lord will not disappoint us.

I pray that these final days of Advent prepare you to receive the Christ-child in all His splendor and glory. If our hearts are true and our preparation is not rushed, we will be able next Saturday to hear in the depths of our spirits Ero Cras!: Tomorrow, I come!

Here are the O Antiphons to assist:

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