Reflecting on 21 Centuries of Faith

Media Message: We Lost the Gift of Integrity

One of the consequences of Original Sin is the loss of integrity. Prior to the Fall, humanities’ intellect, will, body, imagination and emotions functioned in unison. Practically, this means that whatever we think – we would say or do. The possibility of double-mindedness well, was an impossibility.

So, that’s the wind-up. Here’s the pitch…

Kohl’s department store has always marketed itself as a family department store for the upper middle-class. Imagine my surprise when I saw its television ad for Rock’n Republic Denim jeans. Haven’t seen it? Take a gander and then let’s discuss:

As a father, I have to ask myself, “Is this the type of guy that I want taking my daughter out on a date?” Did you hear his thoughts? Did you hear the lyrics of the song? Let me assist:

Was it more than attraction and a physical lust? Her loins, my imagination, that first inconceivable touch, That I was planning, er, I mean wishing, uh.. How embarrassed I’d been if you knew what I was thinking uh.

I knew you knew I liked you, I knew you knew it.

Looking so friendly, polite and yet, CREEPER!

This commercial, for us, is a great example of a penalty that is a result of the fall of man – the lack of integrity. It is for this reason that Blessed John Paul II reminds that Jesus calls for a renewal of the ethos in man (see Matthew 5:27-28). Meaning, those our thoughts and the desires of our heart must be transformed by the power of His spirit. What is the result? Those who met Blessed John Paul II and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that when they met these saints, it was as if they could see right through them. The result is integrity or transparency.

What is Kohl’s really selling? No clue…jeans I guess but that was not the message.

P.S.: Ladies, make sure you know the quality of the young man that asks you out. I am not saying they have to be perfect but I think enjoying you and not what they can do with/to you is probably more important.

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